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Swiss Opal is a trade name for this stone. It is not actually opal. The material is called chrysotile which is the asbestos family (abestos = naturally occurring silicate fibres) 


The risk and exposure to asbestos is very minimal as the stone is polished, but should always take caution if the polished stone breaks and the raw form is exposed. Other common crystals in the asbestos family are tiger eye and serpentine.


BEAD SIZE: 8.5 mm


To find your bracelet size, measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure. Then decide which size bracelet will fit you best.


On average, 6-6.25" extra small wrist, 6.25-6.75" small wrist, 6.75-7" medium wrist, 7-7.5" large wrist


Bracelets are sold individually; you will receive 1 bracelet - several shown in picture for aesthetic purposes and to show that not every bracelet looks the exact same.

Swiss Opal / Chrysotile Bracelet