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About Misty Crystal Co 

Welcome to Misty Crystal Co! We believe in the power of crystals to promote healing & wellness. Our collection is carefully sourced from around the world, ensuring customers receive the highest quality minerals at competitive prices. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty and energy of crystals and have a wide selection to fit any budget. Whether you're a curious beginner, or seasoned collector, we welcome you to browse and find the pieces that call to you.

Where it began...

While in school for Mechanical Engineering, I wanted a side hustle to help with bills. It was a quick decision after struggling with my own want for good candles, I decided to create a product that was non toxic & strong scent emitting. After trial and error, and lots of research, I entered the small business world in February 2019 with my candle company, Misty Candle Co. My candles quickly made a name for themselves in my local community & were loved by many across the USA. While in my day to day routine between school, waitressing job and side business, I used crystals to help me balance my life. I loved the energy and healing benefits I was receiving from them and realized I wanted to help others receive these same positive vibes. After several months of cultivating relationships with miners and suppliers worldwide and collecting every day favorites to rare minerals, I was ready to bring Misty Crystal Co into the world. In February 2021 I launched my new company and started sharing knowledge of crystals to help connect individuals with pieces that resonate with them. Through the years, I've brought tens of thousands of crystals to customers across the USA & beyond. My customers often share the positive experiences they have with the crystals I have sourced, and it is truly one of the most heart-warming and soul-filling feelings, to be able to bring them pieces they connect so well with.


To this day, I host live sales on Facebook (imagine a home shopping network, but for crystals!), share detailed videos of crystals to purchase on my quick sale page and offer a wide selection on my website to shop from.

About Me

Hi, my name is Rachel! Aside from being a crystal lover, I am also an animal lover with multiple fur babies. My dog, Jada is a 5 lb Morkie and she is truly me in a fur suit! She has been by my side through my entire 20's and provided the best moral support through my small business endeavor. My horse, Bay, is a beautiful quarter horse-thoroughbred mix and our connection is so deep. She is patient, kind, hard-working and loving. & lastly, my raccoon, Pepper! Pepper was abandoned and sick when we found him at just a couple weeks old. After staying with a rehabber for a month, Pepper was able to be released into our care and we became his safe-release home. He loved to play with us and I introduced him to crystals - his favorite was spheres! You'll occasionally see pictures and videos of Pepper playing with crystals. Since that time though, he has grown into a sassy teenager that just comes home for dinner and runs back into the woods. My animals are a large part of my life which is why I spent so much time introducing them! Aside from them, I enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, eating out at restaurants, and binge watching Netflix. 

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